Kira Diez Mediterranean Spirit

We met Kira Diez during a collaboration with Sila, a project where the menorquin illustrator knew how to capture the Mediterranean soul of the brand. Today she open the doors of her studio and invite us to know her a little more, talk about her future projects, and another secrets that hide behind her delicate work.


Where did you grow up and in which way does it inspires you?

I grew up in Menorca, in a tiny island full of wild nature . It's a very flat place , there's only one 357m high hill, from there you can imagine how it looks around you, you can see the whole island and the sea around you. I guess big part of my imagination comes from how I feel up there.

Being based in different cities, in which way do you think is shown in your career?

I think it's good not feeling you belong somewhere, this way you are able to move around with freedom and feeling your home is more that only one place. That freedom allows me being today here, at Bilbao, because right now I had that chance. Two months ago I was in Barcelona, and maybe I'll be pursuing other things in two years and that takes me to another place.

How did the passion of illustration come to your life? Where did it all start?

The truth is I understood illustration as a profession very recently. The passion for drawing comes, like most, since I was a child. Mi father is a painter and he has his studio at home, so for me painting and drawing on old wood when I was younger was part of my learning.

When you are with a new project, how do you do? Brainstorming, a brilliant idea came suddenly, referencial websites help you?

I'm quite impulsive when I'm creating. After this first approach to a new creation, when I sit down and start working, I always have a look at few books or at the references I keep in my computer looking for inspiration, catching color ideas, composition or just losing a bit of time...

What do you think makes your illustrations special, what defines you and your projects?

I try to produce sensitive images in order to provoke emotional arousal on to who is watching them. If I can't wake them up with my drawings, at least I try the images to be beautiful and stay in their minds for a while.

Do you usually work with traditional media like pencil colours, it is a creative decision that defines your work or just a tool that can change in the future?

I hope it won't change on my work. I think digital media are a fantastic tool and I work with them daily. But I need to see my drawings on paper, with natural light coming through the windows and not through the computer screen. I love color and graphite pencils, it's the first tool I ever worked with, although if I hold it pretty bad! Sometimes I use acrylic paint and ink aswell.

Normally your illustrations are delicated and appealing. What means beauty in your work, is it relevant?

I think beauty is a very strong language, even if each one of us has different ideas about it. I couldn't take beauty out my way of work because it's a filter that came up in a natural way, with the passing of time and through observation. I need beauty to express how I see everything.

From your point of view which is the relationship between illustration and fashion? From your experience, how has been this connection and approach between both worlds?

Are two worlds that feedback each other. From my experience I can tell that is flattering how fashion counts more and more on illustration, in clothing, in editorial, in advertising...

Which will be next, Kira? How do you see yourself in a few years?

Maybe I see myself in a more solid freelance work. I hope I'll be living a bigger appartment so I can have a cat.